Service 02 Synergic Kinesiology

Synergym Meta-Yoga Is Whole

Synergic Meta-yoga for Health and Healing also used to work effectively with children who have complaint of: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, or ADHD), hyperactivity, learning disorders, dyslexia, various types of brain dysfunction, Autism and intolerances to foods, pollens, dust, animals, organic chemicals, drugs, and other toxic materials.

Health problems due to Geobiology and Geopathic Energies, including electromagnetic fields (EMF) and various earth energies (i.e. autoimmune diseases) such as Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis. Metabolic and nutritional problems, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, addiction, like drug, alcohol or other substance abuse, infections. Eye and vision, ear and auditory, and other sensory function issues. Psychological and Emotional Stress, phobias and fears, relationships, and other psychical issues.

As an individual one can use these techniques for his own health improvement and apply to others to improve their health without any medicine. Synergym helps to keep one’s mind for acceptance of everything in positive manner. In simple words synergym is founded to improve Brain, body, mind and soul. The techniques involved in the synergym are working on body, with in the bio magnetic field and beyond the limit of body and bio magnetic field to know oneself as whole which will help to have best health, best social response, safety and security of life awareness of having wholeness within self. The movements involved in the synergym meta-yoga kinesthetic processes are very simple, user friendly to any category of people in the world. The simple techniques involved in the 7 qualities of 5 elements and energy fields of chakras also applied to improve or change one’s present level of mind to higher state of mind.

Synergic Movement For Reflex

Synergic movements for Reflex concentrates the developmental growth of babies naturally make before birth in the mother’s womb, the first six months after birth, as they get up on their hands and knees as further development in growth and as they learn to walk, these movements are crucial in laying down the foundations for neural network pathway growth and Myelination in the brain, and its effect on learning as we grow and develop, and come to rely on the lifelong postural reflexes.

Synergym movements for reflex development works with integrating the retained, or underdeveloped, infant reflexes that are involved in learning challenges such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, writing problems, focusing and comprehension challenges, co-ordination difficulties and Asperges’ Syndrome.

Synergym Meta-Yoga of kinesthetic process looks at the whole. We do not fix or diagnose. We encourage and draw out the potential of an every individual.

Our consultants/professional use a combination of reflex checks, noticing and the kinesiology technique of muscle checking to ascertain how the imbalances and learning challenges have affected the person; and, then to establish the best way to promote integration.