Service 02 Synergic Kinesiology


Synergym combines the scientific approach to have one’s brain and body to keep healthy and its meta level approaches to keep one’s brain and body to be more energetic and mind to be in claim.

Synergym Meta-Yoga Foundation was founded by Shihan Dr. P. Pushpanathan (PhD). In Education for Life and Health) using the various techniques from different fields such as Yoga, Karate, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Neuro Semantics and Neuro Linguistic Program (NS-NLP), Touch for Health (TFH) and Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) to energize and balance the functions of the main organs and nerve systems. Also, he had combined the meditation methods of Tipatian to increase the ‘Chi’ (i.e. vital) energy and Indian Traditional Meditations related to chakras and planets to improve the ‘Prana’ (i.e. vital) to energize the endocrines and its functions. Further seven qualities in five elements of Metaphor techniques help to achieve one’s meta state of mind to reach optimum level of mind to receive wholeness in all situations in everyday life to have holistic wellness throughout life.