Service 02 Synergic Kinesiology

Synergym Meta-Yoga Metaphors

This is the most powerful healing process with linguistic expressions, which can exposes the identity (characteristic) of a person. During the learning or balancing process one can come to know about his identity. Based on the identity, one can come to know about his quality, the problems within, the physical dysfunction within, the excessive processes in the brain and the body, deficiency in the brain and the body and its dysfunctions. Synergym Meta-Yoga Metaphor process will help to find the low energy flow and high energy flow within the brain and body, also helps to find the character changes due to uneven energy. The Synergym Meta-Yoga metaphors process balance the energy flows according to the brain and body needs, the person undergone this balancing process will feel that he is newly born and totally free from his problems and is happy.