Service 02 Synergic Kinesiology

Synergym Meta-Yoga Healing

The healing process involved in these methods are to understand the miracle of brain functions, its control on body and its whole functions in every nook and corner of body and its cells. During the Synergym Meta-Yoga healing process or under learning of Synergym Meta-Yoga healing process, one can understand the power of brain, understand the power within, understand the energy within, understand the vital power within, understand about oneself as who is he, understand who is guru, understand where is god.

Synergym Meta-Yoga healing processes are divided into various healing methods to solve one’s physical or mental problems, such are Synergic Color healing, Synergic Sound healing, Synergic Healing in Energy Fields, Synergic Healing through Circuit Closers, Synergic healing through 7 qualities of 5 Elements, Synergic healing through Metaphors. Also healing process related to the planets, related to the days and finally the Synergym Meta-Yoga healing through Divine Meditation is to obtain the good health, peace of mind, understand oneself and to be connected with god.