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Synergic Kinesiology & Meta-yoga for Education, Health & Healing is a non profitable organization to provide meta-yoga kinesthetic process and metaphor techniques to keep one’s mind, body and soul to be healthy and energetic.

  • Synergym for Higher level of Health & Life Energy

  • Synergym Meta-yoga for Healing without medicine

  • Synergym Divine Meditation for Meta State of mind

Synergym for all age group to keep well and happy in all walks of life. Synergym Meta-Yoga also used to educational needs for all kinds of children to improve their fine motor skills, play and enjoy.

Syenrgym is to prevent the illness, it can be best described as an advanced and integrated system of healing process without medicine. It is also a type of bio-energetic kinesiology, applying 42 muscle tests, simplified yoga movements and techniques and its kinesthetic process to balance the energy level of particular muscle, nerve and its related organ, also through divine meditation (bio-energy) techniques balance the functions of endocrines and related glands to function properly to have good health and active energy and helps to reach optimum level of state of mind.

Synergym Meta-yoga is not a part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, it is to have healthy and energetic life without medicine as a holistic health and healing modality. Synergym Meta-yoga focuses on health, energy, happiness and wellness. Energy Psychology fits within the Synergym Divine Meditation and develops an extensive system of procedures to work optimally with people psychologically and spiritually, physically and emotionally, biochemically and nutritionally, environmentally and ecologically.