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Synergym Meta-Yoga for Education

As the principal of Movement is a Teacher, synergym helps to overcome the learning disabilities. These movements help to improve the children’s concentration, memory, comprehension skill, listening skill, reading skill, writing skill and creativity skill. Synergym movements for education help to cross the midline to understand the things happening around, with details. Synergym Meta-Yoga helps to improve the centre of attention, improves the communication between the brains and intellectual capacity of every individual. Also the synergym movements help to improve the visual comprehension ability, auditory (listening) comprehension ability, auditory (listening) skill, visual skill, audio-visual skills, auditory visual construction skill and auditory visual recall abilities.

Synergym Meta-Yoga movements of synergym for education: All kinesthetic processes take place from the reptilian brain, limbic brain and neo-cortex for every need, so the commands from the sub-conscious mind help and guide the brain and body functions to achieve the desired goal successfully. All the information stored during the balancing process provides details of the consequent activities to perform step by step towards the goal, even the person involved in balancing process may not be aware of the actions taking place inside his brain and body, but he will be energetically and enthusiastically involved in his work, all the information and instructions stored in the sub-conscious mind during balancing process will guide him to achieve the goal without any struggle.