Service 02 Synergic Kinesiology

Synergym Meta-Yoga Energy Field

It is not exaggeration to say that we have different energy fountains at different places in our body. These fountains are help to understand oneself, understand the others and helps understand where god is. This process is to knowing oneself to enjoy life as neutral. There will be no excitement during excessive happiness, no sadness down to the earth during failure. It helps to understand the truth of every action. Helps to make the brain calm in any situation, helps to work energetically and effectively, help to get success, guides to have clear knowledge on each and every movement.

The energy fountains have very important role in our brain and body to connect the external world to the internal world to understand everything happening around us. Synergym Meta-Yoga energy fields learning or healing process will take the person to realize themselves, understand the power of vital energy, understand the energy flow inside and outside the body.

Synergym Meta-Yoga energy fields are key to open the energy fountains in our body, key to control the excess energy in fountains, key to balance energy flow whenever get lost and key to produce the energy and connect with other energy fountains.